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Wool Buying & Selling Systems

wool buying systems


Innovative & Cross Platform

The same app works on a mobile device, laptop, MAC, Windows, the web, on-premise, and in the cloud.


Local, mobile and Cloud Solutions

On 'your' equipment or Amazon (AWS) hosted solutions

Mobile Solutions

wool buying mobile valuing


Wool Valuing

Continuing our long history of delivering mobile solutions to the wool industry.


Type Generation

Options to convert the broker types (AWEX ID) to 'your' typing scheme.


API's and 3rd parties

Options to use data exchand api's to import/export data from other systems or direct access to brokers EDI catalogues. 


Swipe, scroll, pop up

Use the full range of mobile functions to search, value etc.


The eSpeci Saas Gateway

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AWEX? AWI? AWH? Your own Excel or PDF speci?

Our new cloud speci exchange will convert any of these systems to a common XML/JSON industry format so you can have a single gateway for all!


SaaS Speci

"on demand" cloud based software.


Broker Focused

Our eSpeci gateway is designed to provide the most effecient means of getting data from the 'property to the core line'



Using the latest cloud based text extraction tools; extract key classer specification information (e.g. line bale numbers) into app' accessible data.


Let us demonstrate what we can do for you


Wool Handling Innovations

Bale transponders, InkJet bale marking, QR codes...


Grower & Client Portals

Mobile app access for the grower. Either natively (ios and Android) or via a web app'...


Data Access and Availablity

All our systems are built with 3rd party access in mind. API's also exist for financial systems - e.g. MYOB, XERO, Quicken...


Voice, PDF etc.

Use Amazon Transcribe to capture data (e.g. valuations) or convert PDF speci's, Docusign to authorise sales contracts....

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